Free shipping on all orders over $60 (Sample Sale + Peer To Peer excluded)


As a blogger myself, I know how much product you can receive from brands and how much work it is to sell it yourself on Depop and Poshmark. Or how little money you make from donating or selling in person.
Skip the headache and sign up for our influencer program:
You set the prices.
We do all the work to sell for you.
You get paid fast and easy.
We only take 10% of your sale, the same as Depop and less than Poshmark! But we do everything to sell your clothes for you (photograph, list, ship). 
Text 209-404-7850



  1. CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET: We accept all items, but suggest you send on-trend, good quality items made within the last 3 years or vintage items. Check out our selling guide here

IMPORTANT! Make sure to fill out our Google form with all the items you want to sell.


  1. SEND TO US: 

 If you live in LA we will provide a personal pick-up service to get the clothes from you. Just fill up any bag or box and schedule a time for us to pick it up via email or text. 

(phone: 209-404-7850,

If you don't live in LA or don't want personal pick-up: we will email you a free shipping label from us to send in your items, put it on any box you have!

  1. POST ABOUT IT: Once your items are listed on our website we will send you a link to your personal selling page. Let your followers know your closet is for sale through a post or story. It helps to put photos of the items and a "swipe up" or "link in bio" link. 

 We’ll do all the work for you (photographing items, listing on site, shipping to customers).

  1. MAKE MORE MONEY: unlike other platforms, we don't charge for you to list your items. 

We will only take 10% when you make a sale and then deposit the rest of the money to you via Paypal. This is the same price as Depop and less than Poshmark, but we do all the work for you!

  1. BE SUSTAINABLE: Through selling your pre-owned clothes, you are creating a more sustainable and circular world.  Plus we donate 1% of our profits to organizations supporting women's rights issues worldwide!

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